Sunday, January 11, 2015

Make no bones about it, Anatomy is awesome!

We had a great start to the new semester, I think everyone was eager to learn about their bodies. Over the next three weeks we will be learning about the Skeletal System. This week the kids watched a you tube video from and they were encouraged to answer a true/false quiz while viewing the video.  They adding to their flap book with a image of the diffident kinds of bone cells and added a to their human body poster. Each one of them went home with a science experiment to do over the week. They are to see what happens to a chicken bone when it is soaked in vinegar.

Next week we'll take a look inside a real cow's bone, add to their flap book by labeling a cross-section of an image of a bone and each kids will make a x-ray of their hand and learn how many bones are in their hands. This will be added to their flap book.

We'll wrap up our study of this system by learning how bones and muscles work together to help us move. This will be accomplished by  viewing a video, building a working model an arm bone and adding to their flap book.

While I enjoyed the break, I'm so glad to be back teaching, its such a delight to be with your child helping them love learning.

--Teacher April

Saturday, October 11, 2014

week 5

Who know Anatomy could be so taste! Each kid made an edible cross section skin cake. It had three layers, each representing the different layer of skin. Blood vessels and nerves were made from fruit leather. Nuts were the nerve ending and licorice for the hair. In addition to this taste science demonstration we did some fun experiments.

Monday, October 6, 2014

week 4

Hey your epidermis is showing! This is what I said to each kid until someone asked "What an epidermis?" We then learned about what three things the skin does for us but watch a short youtube video. Next we applied what we learned from the video by making our flaps and after that the kids were given an out line of the human body, each time a new system is taught they will add to they poster. We also looked at what skin cells look like. We finished things off by doing an experiment.

Another great day in Anatomy Class

Week 3

Thursday's lesson was sweet!
First we watching an amazing video about what a cell looks like inside. The students were not told what they were watching, their comments were amusing as they tried to guess. 
Next, we compared a cell to a city where each organelle has a job. While they watched a power point presentation, we did a flap were they matched 10 different organelles to their functions.
We wrapped the lesson up by decorating cell cookies. Each topping represented a different organelle.
Next week we'll be discovering about the largest organ.
Have a great week!
:) Teacher April and Teacher Esther

Friday, September 19, 2014

week 2

  Just how many cells does a human have?  What are the three discoveries of the Cell Theory? And who are the great minds behind that theory. That's what we learned about this week.
In case you are wondering the answer to those questions are:
-one hundred trillion
-Cells are the basic unit of life
-All living things are made of cells
- All cells come from preexisting cells
-Hooke,Leeuwenhoek, Remack, Schwann, Schleiden, and Virchow
We watch a really cool you tube video to learn about the Cell Theory, check it out!

     Next week we will be learning about what's inside those cells by decoration cookies- each topping will represent an organelle. Please let me know if your child have any food restrictions. Rest assured the cookies and toppings will be made with all natural ingredient. But if your child have any food allergies (mine has 5) let me know and I will make sure their needs are addressed.

Loving having you child in my class!

--Teacher April

Thursday, September 18, 2014

1st Week

Greetings from Mrs. April and Mrs. Esther,
The first day of class went great. We started things off by making introductions. Then we jumped right into designing the covers of our Flap books. We also learned about the six different layers of a human, which are: organelles, cells, tissues, organs, system,and organism. 
So delighted to have your child in class with us! We are going to have tons of fun and at the same time learning all about our amazing bodies. Here's a quick overview-
Week 1: Sept 11- Intro to class/each other and designing of Flap book cover
Week 2: Sept 18- Cells
Week 3: Sept 25- Cells
Week 4: Oct 9- Skin
Week 5: Oct 16- Skin & Nerves
Week 6: Oct 23- Nerves
Week 7: Oct 30 Nerves & Brains
Week 8: Nov 6- Nerves & Senses (touch)
Week 9: Nov 9 - Senses (eyes & ears)
Week 10: Nov 13- Senses (taste & smell)
Week 11: Nov 20- Digestive system simulator
Week 12: Dec 4- Digestive system (movie)
Week 13: Dec 11- Digestive system
Week 14: Jan 8- Skeletal system
Week 15: Jan 15- Skeletal System
Week 16: Jan 22- Skeletal/Muscular
Week 17: Jan 29- Muscular
Week 18: Feb 5- Muscular
Week 19: Feb 12- Muscular/ Cardiovascular (dissecting a cow's heart)
Week 20: Feb 19- Cardiovascular
Week 21: Feb 26- Cardiovascular
Week 22: March 5- Cardiovascular/ Respiratory
Week 23: March 12- Respiratory
Week 24: March 19- Respiratory
Week 25: March 26- Complete 2 of the pre-visit activities for Wellbody
field trip
Week 26: April 9- Complete 2 of the pre-visit activities for Wellbody
field trip
Week 27: April 16- Field Trip to Pacific Science Center's Wellbody's Academy
Week 28: April 23- Post Field trip activities & Movie